About the client

AGI Milltec is a manufacturer of food processing machines & plants, which provides farm and commercial solutions and systems for storage, handling, structures, processing, and controls in seed, fertilizer, grain, feed, and food.

Project Requirements

As part of AGIMilltec’s marketing strategy, Advity was required to build a walkthrough experience of the grain processing plant that lets the marketing and sales team to access the virtual tool consisting of virtual experience to navigate each unit of the plant and see-through the operations virtually. The 3D interactive web based application will be used by marketing, sales team & dealers to remotely connect with the customers to explain the product specifications cutting out the need to travel for the plant visit.

Our Solution

Interactive 3D experience web based tool showcasing the entire rice plant with process flow at each step with process animation. Adding to it, we have also embedded the navigation features where the team or customer can reach out to any sub unit of the plant directly within a small duration to understand the process and use case of the sub unit accompanied by audio narration.


Our other projects

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